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Movin' On Up!

Breaking Winter Ground

Preceding spring, Capstone has broken through and is now visible above the horizon!  It will continue to grow up up up - nine floors before completion.  What you can no longer see is the two story parkade below ground...  Also making an appearance in this photo is our crane - long becoming a familiar site to our Apple Valley residents, guests and staff.  With the  nearby Mission Creek tree-line in the background, Capstone is sure to be a desired location for those looking to find housing in the central Okanagan.

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Society Wins 2022 Award!

After two years navigating COVID 19 pandemic and restrictions, business excellence was celebrated with the Thompson Okanagan Grant Thornton LLP Business Excellence Awards.  There were 18 different categories honored by business owners, managers and leaders gathered for an evening of networking and reflecting.

"Celebrating the Best of the Best of Business in the Thompson Okanagan"

Coast Capri Hotel, Kelowna, June 16, 2022

This was an opportunity to honor the best of the best, and their performance over the last two years!    A wide variety of sectors were represented - highlighting what "can be and is being done in our region."  Check out all the winners at  Categories in such areas as Automotive, Green, Health Care, Entrepreneur, Financial, Food & Beverage, Hospitality & Tourism, Manufacturing, Non Profit, Professional, Real Estate, Retail, Technology, Trades, Small Business, and Wineries, and of course, Construction & Development, were recognized.   Congratulations to the Society of Hope for winning the Business of the Year for Construction & Development award!

Some Current Board Members & Staff Accepting The Award

Kurt, Mark, Ken, Barb, Shannon, Julie, Les & Aaron standing in for the Society accepting the "Business of the Year - 2022" Award

Ken Zeitner

The Society of Hope's Executive Director, Ken Zeitner, accepting the Construction/Development Award.

Construction/Development Award!

Grant Thornton BE Award accepted by the Society of Hope.

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We are pleased to welcome Ken Zeitner as the Society's New Executive Director!

The Society of Hope is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Ken Zeitner to the position of Executive Director effective May 28, 2022. Ken will take over from Luke Stack who is retiring from the role after serving as Executive Director since the inception of the Society in 1989.

Ken has served in various positions with the organization over the years and is currently the Chief Financial Officer.

Ken was responsible for the design and implementation of numerous innovative administrative and operational systems which proved essential to the Society's capacity to build and operate increasing numbers of affordable housing units in the region. Ken's contributions over the years have been a key factor in the Society being recognized with multiple community awards, including the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce, Business Excellence Award for Community Impact and the BC Non-Profit Housing Association's Housing Provider of the Year Award. 

The Society's Board of Directors looks forward to working with Ken and the entire Society of Hope team as we continue to provide qualify affordable housing in the communities of the Central Okanagan.

Ken Zeitner

Ken & Barb Zeitner

Ken and his wife Barb joined in the founding of the Society of Hope in early 1990.

On Top of the World!

Wearing one of his many hats, Ken also currently leads the Society's Joint Health & Safety Committee.

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Leaving Behind a STACK of Accomplishments!

Luke Stack, The Society  of Hope's Executive Director, has tendered his resignation effective May 27, 2022.  He has served this organization for 33 years.

The Society wishes Luke success, and thanks him for his dedication to help fulfill the Society's mission to provide quality affordable housing.  "It is my belief that this is the right time to do this," said Stack, saying that he is leaving the organization in very good hands, with a skilled Board and staff members to carry the Society forward.  Luke will be spending more time with family and friends, and continue to serve on Kelowna City Council. 

The earliest concepts of the Society of Hope began in the late 1980s. Luke and his wife Anne were two of the initial founders in 1989. Luke was also one of the founding members of the BC Non Profit Housing Association (BCHPHA), representing the Okanagan.

Seeing the need for affordable rental housing in the Okanagan Valley, the Society has constructed or acquired over 700 rental homes from Peachland to Lake Country. In fact, the Society of Hope is now the largest non-profit housing provider in the Interior of B.C. More than a hundred more apartments and townhomes are scheduled for completion in the next 24-36 months, and another 75+ units sometime after that.

Luke will be missed by many, and he says he will miss his office, his early morning coffee, and staff meetings! But he won't be far... He says he will continue to oversee the development and completion of Capstone and Pleasantvale 2. He won't officially decide until summer whether he will seek another 4 year term with the City. One thing is for certain, Luke has not tired of serving our community!

Earlier Days

Boots on the ground.

Safety first as Luke heads out to check on the dig of our newest build!

Always the Professional

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Shiny Shovels in the Sunshine!

Friday, Jan 28, 2022 was "Sod Turning Day" for the Society of Hope's newest project – Capstone. The brief ceremony featured 3 speakers: The Society's Board President, Philip Lambert, Mayor Colin Basran, and BC Housing/Province of BC representative: Kelly Miller – Associate Vice President of Operations for BC Housing. Luke Stack, The Society's Executive Director, officiated.

The Capstone project began in 1996 with donation of a large piece of land by Gordon & Helen Ziglar. The purpose of this donation was to have "Active living and housing for seniors." This land was eventually sold, (Landmark square) and a 9 acre farm owned by Lloyd & Nan Petitt was purchased.   2175 Benvoulin Road is the current location of the Capstone property; spread out between Benvoulin Road, Benvoulin Court, and Mayer Road. This will be the biggest project The Society has built. This building will have 9 stories, and include 122 suites. The mix of one and two bedroom units will provide rental housing for moderate to low income individuals, small families, seniors and people with disabilities.

This project is made possible through a partnership between the Government of British Columbia, the National Society of Hope, the City of Kelowna, and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. The City of Kelowna has provided at $300,000.00 grant as well as a ten year tax reduction for this project." As well, "70% of the units in this building will have rents set at 30% of a person's income. This means these units will be truly affordable."

Scuka Construction is the builder, and we can look forward to the Grand Opening in about 2 yrs.

"It has taken 26 years to get to this Capstone Sod Turning today."

Society Staff and current and former Board Members

Official Sod Turning!

From Left to Right: Society of Hope's Executive Director, Luke Stack, Associate Vice President of Operations for BC Housing, Kelly Miller, Mayor Colin Basran and The Society of Hope's Board President, Philip Lambert.

Capstone Rendering

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It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Thank you London Drugs Stocking Stuffers For Seniors!

Our very own local London Drugs has a great and timely gift program for seniors.

The Stocking Stuffers for Seniors campaign began in 2015, with one store location providing help for 500 inner city seniors. The campaign quickly caught on, growing in 2016 to multiple store locations helping more than 2,000 seniors in their communities. In 2017, Stocking Stuffers for Seniors went chain wide across all stores, in all locations. In fact, London Drugs delivered donated gifts to more than 10,000 seniors! In 2021, London Drugs is excited to once again offer the Stocking Stuffers for Seniors campaign chain wide, for the fourth year in a row.

"The effects of isolation and loneliness have been significant during the pandemic and we want our seniors to know we care, and we are thinking of them. For the fifth year in a row, Stocking Stuffers for Seniors partners with local care homes and charities with a mission to bring more holiday cheer to seniors, in all the communities we serve."

Donated items don't need to be purchased from a London Drugs store — any new, non-gift wrapped item is accepted from Friday, November 12 – Wednesday, December 8th.

Simply purchase or bring new, non-gift wrapped items, along with the gift tag, to the store's Customer Service Counter by the delivery date. You are even welcome to include a personalized Christmas Card with your gift..

Upon visiting a London Drugs store, head over to the store's Christmas Tree for a Stocking Stuffers for Seniors gift tag. Each tag contains a wish list from a local senior, or a general "wish list" from a participating local care home or charitable partner organization.

London Drugs has developed a "desired item list" (e.g. toothpaste, shaving cream, socks, mittens, blankets, cookies) with the care home managers, and use generic tags for those items so that all residents benefit equally from the donated gifts.

Customers can visit London Drugs and pick up a holiday wish list tag from the Christmas tree.  Simply provide the gift to the store which we will be distributed to the seniors.

Many Society of Hope seniors have benefitted from this program over the last two years. This year 91 Hope Tenants will be gifted at some of our Rutland and Lake Country sites.  Thank you London Drugs for this excellent seasonal program!

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Ready, Set, Soup!

Hey, What’s ‘Soup?

Thursday mornings in the Ziglar Rec Centre are filled with the smells of savory soup simmering and the clamoring of chopping and chatter.  Our resource coordinator and many Tenant Volunteers are busy preparing big bowls of homemade seasonal soups for Metro Community.  Metro has a drop in courtyard/café, and is located at 1262 St. Paul St.  They offer a 'safe place to come and have your basic needs met.'  What a great way for community to help community.  Volunteers from our tenant community prepare enough food for 100 meals – once every 2nd week.  Some bring ingredients, some bring recipes, and some bring the laughs and the helping hands required for such a task.

Chopping & Chatter!

Recipes chosen, and veggies being chopped on the island.


Preparing foods in our Apple Valley Kitchen


Happy to transport large containers of prepared soups from one location to another

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Pleasantvale 2 posted the following story earlier this week.  

If all goes well, the Society of Hope envisions breaking ground on Pleasantvale 2 in the spring or summer of next year.

On Monday, the Central Okanagan housing society officially distributed plans for the project to city hall.

This is the first major step for the proposed development since the non-profit society was selected by BC Housing to construct Pleasantvale 2 earlier this year.

The proposal before the city includes 27 two and three bedroom family townhomes and 48 one and two bedroom units for seniors within a four-story apartment.

It will front Cambridge and Central avenues and Kingsway in Kelowna's north end, next to the first Pleasantvale project.

"I'm really pleased with the look of the new building, I'm really pleased with the look of the new townhomes," said Society of Hope executive director Luke Stack.

"I think it's going to be a great addition to that neighborhood.  I think there was a little concern in the neighborhood of what it might be, but when it was presented as apartments for seniors and townhomes for families, they all sort of went, all good."

Stack says the design differs a bit from the first Pleasantvale project. He says they tried to model the design somewhat after world renowned American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

More public consultations are expected to take place in September before the rezoning application comes before council, possibly as early as the fall.

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Summer Shade!

PineWood Villas has a new Pergola - thanks to our hard working Maintenance Team.  Thank you Elijah, Kevin, Rick, Aaron and Andre for giving the tenants at this site some much needed shade for the summer.  Comfortable, accessible outdoor spaces are a priority for Okanagan Living!

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Summer Pool Refresh!

Need to get out of the heat wave?  Care for a nice refreshing game of Pool?  Thanks to a very generous fellow we'll call "Bill," as well as our volunteers, The Ziglar Recreation Centre has secured a 'gently used', new to us, 'Brunswick Heirloom' Pool table!   Thank you, Bill, for this timely and fun donation!  As seen in the background, this table has found its new home in our Games Room, and tenants have wasted no time jumping in to play!   Especially take notice the fringed pockets - bringing style and a little pizazz to the room!  Apple Valley has also had it's Pool/Snooker Table refurbished recently, thanks to our Resource Manager.  Here, in the foreground, you can see the new re-felted table.      

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A Dry Summer Ahead!

The Society of Hope has been proud and privileged over the past few years to have taken part in BC Hydro / Fortis BC's Energy Conservation Assistance Program (ECAP), while working alongside It's on Electric and Ecofitt.  These companies manage multiple programs providing clean energy solutions.

Our tenants have reaped the rewards of these Programs having received many energy-efficient products such as LED bulbs, carbon monoxide detectors, showerheads, fridges, furnaces and more. This past month we received several drying racks for tenants who have been participating in the Program.

Drying racks are a wonderful alternative to using a dryer, while also being a whole lot gentler on fabrics.  BC Hydro's website states that dryers can account for up to 12% of your home's energy.  This represents a significant savings to your energy bill.

We wish to recognize BC Hydro, Fortis BC, It's on Electric and Ecofitt, by saying THANK YOU!  Their dedication to providing all these energy savings have contributed to huge savings for The Society of Hope.

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New Year, New Resolves!

Happy New Year!

As this is the time of year many of you like to clean up and de-clutter, let us make recycling less complicated!

First of all - RULE #1!!!!    Plastic bags are NOT accepted in our Recycling Bins!


Plastic bags cause damage to automated recycling equipment "they get caught in processing machinery. Each time plastic bags become tangled in machinery, the entire plant shuts down and our employees manually climb into equipment and cut out plastic bags.

Additionally, recyclables stuck inside plastic bags are at risk for never making it through the recycling process. Ultimately, plastic bags create a hazard for recycling workers and make recycling plants less efficient, therefore, we can no longer accept plastic bags in recycling.

However, clean and dry plastic bags can be recycled at many local retailers "just not in your home or business recycling container. Visit to find a take-back location near you."

Secondly, The only plastics that can be put into Society of Hope Recycle Bins are: food & beverage bottles, jugs and tubes.

Other things we do NOT want you to put into the recycling bin:

  • No GLASS bottles or containers!
  • No Food!
  • No Liquids!
  • No Electronics!
  • No Small appliances!
  • No Textiles, bedding, rugs, furniture or carpets!
  • No Holiday lights, hangers or extension cords!
  • No Paper plates, cups, napkins or tissues!
  • No Polystyrene Foam (No Styrofoam/foam packing peanuts!)
  • No Tires, Auto parts or Scrap Metal!
  • No concrete, wood or construction debris!
  • No Yard waste or wood!
  • No Batteries!

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'Tis the Season

It truly is the season for both giving, and for receiving!  Many of our Senior Tenants are being gifted through the London Drugs "Stocking Stuffers for Seniors" program this year!  Thank you London Drugs for providing this cheerful and amazing seasonal program!  The Society of Hope office was overwhelmed with the generosity of Okanagan Residents who gave generously to many our tenants.  Beautifully wrapped boxes and overflowing bags have arrived, and they are ready to be delivered.

Seniors are giving back as well.  Many hours were spent crafting custom quilts and bags to provide for some of our Short Term moms and moms with children.  The talent and caring is obvious – what a beautiful time of year!

We'd also like to take this time to acknowledge all our volunteers.  So many of you have given your time and efforts to one or more of our sites and activities.    A humble expression of appreciation going out to those who have donated to the Society of Hope as well.  The Society is truly moved by the unbelievable amount of donations our incredible champions have presented to us over this last year.  Thank you!

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Wall, wall, wall - what do we have here?

Thanks to our stylish new glass 3/4 wall, our office is once again open to the public.  We are receiving housing applications, and have incorporated extra sanitizing into our 'new normal.'  Our office is open from Monday - Friday from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm, and from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm on 'rent days.'  (First business day of each month.)  We do not require mask use at this time.  Sanitizer is available upon entering our doors.

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Here we grow again!

As posted recently on   (Edited)

"The provincial government has announced 122 new affordable rental units in Kelowna."

The project at 2175 Benvoulin Road will house seniors and other demographics are being considered as well, in partnership with the National Society of Hope.

20% of the units will be deeply subsidized. continued with, "The project is being funded by the BC Community Housing Fund, which supports mixed buildings that see 50 per cent of units set aside for incomes up to $64,000 and 30 per cent earmarked for those making up to $74,000 per year."

Rental fees for the building have not been released yet.

'The Community Housing Fund is about just that - community. Through this program, we are working with our partners to build thousands of new homes that are affordable for a mix of people, from growing families to seniors on fixed incomes,' said Selina Robinson, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

The rental units in Kelowna are among 540 announced in B.C. on Sunday, with others in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and Northern B.C."

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We Put the Social in being Socially Responsible!

Warm summer days can give a couple of hours of relief for tenants longing for community and entertainment.  The Society of Hope has a handful of short, Covid-friendly events planned!  (These are OUTSIDE in the large Pettit Garden area, between Apple Valley 2 and Apple Valley 3 buildings – where the historic flume is located.)  Building by building, tenants are invited to stand out on their balconies overlooking the courtyard to participate, or encouraged to wear a mask and come down to the garden and sit 6 feet apart from their neighbours.  The first week found Ray Turner belting out some well received tunes.  He played on various instruments while tenants enjoyed an ice cream social.  On Aug 14th a nostalgic BBQ was hosted.  Here we see some gloved and masked up volunteers ready to serve at the vintage car grill, donated by Boyd Autobody.  The band 'Smitten's groovy sounds and fun atmosphere also brought many smiles.  One event will feature our very own Apple Valley Singers – fitting to celebrate this month's birthdays with a piece of cake to go!   And coming up in early September we will welcome back Ray Turner and his 'not so oldies' music. There will be a well-spaced, single serving, hygienic dessert bar.  To quote Dr. Bonnie Henry, BC's provincial health officer, "Be kind, be calm, and be safe!"  

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Garden Garnish!

The Society of Hope Maintenance Team has been busy this spring!  As well as pruning and getting the irrigation up and working on all 19 sites, an inviting new Pergola has sprung up in Lake Country!  The Woodsdale Place pathway has been embellished with a fresh and rustic wooden structure in the garden area - and it is ready to be enjoyed.  A stroll through the Pergola sounds lovely this time of year!

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Be Safe.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Society has closed our office to the public until further notice. Our phone lines will be monitored and we will return calls as we are able. Society staff will meet with tenants by appointment only.  Tenants may call the tenant phone line to book an appointment.

Applications may be dropped through the office mail slot, however, the Society is not processing new housing applications at this time.  Please check back at a later date.

Under the advisement of the Provincial Government Ministry of Health,  All of the Society of Hope Community Centre rooms are closed, including the Ziglar Recreation Centre.  We regret the inconvenience this causes tenants.

The Society of Hope is taking a number of pro-active measures to keep staff and tenants safe: There has been increased cleaning and disinfecting of common entrances, lobbies, surfaces and door handles since March 4, 2020.  This extra cleaning will continue.

All residents are encouraged to wash their hands regularly, sneeze and/or cough into their sleeve, avoid touching their face, and practice social distancing.  Everyone has a role to play to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Mona Fortier visits Kelowna

Mona Fortier, The Minister of Middle Class Prosperity and Associate Minister of Finance, visited the Apple Valley complex on Monday, March 2nd. She was here to promote quality of life and affordability.  A variety of topics were discussed,  highlights being earlier pensions, the child tax credit, middle class tax cuts, climate change, and of course, affordable housing.

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Providence Boulevard Grand Opening!

On January 30th, 2020, the Hon. Selina Robinson, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, toured Providence Boulevard.  This site is the Society of Hope's latest Family Townhome project in Glenmore.  These new homes for working families are the result of a successful partnership between the BC Government, the City of Kelowna, BC Housing, Vanmar Constructors and the Society of Hope.  Families moved into their beautiful new homes in November 2019; All of the homes are now occupied.

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2019 Business Excellence Not For Profit Award Finalist

 It is always wonderful to receive an MLA acknowledgement.

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21 Family Townhomes Coming This Fall to Glenmore

The Society of Hope, in partnership with the City of Kelowna and BC Housing, is pleased to announce that 21 new family town homes, located at
165 Celano Crescent in Glenmore, will be available late this fall. There are 16 three bedroom units and 5 two bedroom units. These well located units
come with modern features including a dishwasher, space for a washer/dryer and a garage.

To qualify for this housing:

  • Applicants must be families with dependent children
  • Applicants must have a low to moderate income of $1400 per month and up
  • Ideally Applicants will qualify for the Rental Assistance Program (RAP.) The Rental Assistance Program provides eligible low-income working families with cash assistance to help with their monthly rent payments.
  • Family configuration must be suitable for 2 & 3 bedroom units.

Placement selection will take place in September and October. Target occupancy will be no later than December 1, 2019. (This to be formally approved by September 15 th , 2019)  Please see the "Apply for housing" tab on the Society of Hope web site.

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Sliding On Into Summer!

Kids just want to have fun and Society of Hope's three new playgrounds are providing just that!  It sure has been a fun spring for the children at our two Short Term locations.  With the permanent structures in place, everyone is out enjoying these spaces to the fullest – a great way for the kids to connect in a safe environment.

Volunteers from Black and McDonald assembled one unit in record breaking time with skill and efficiency.  (All in one long morning in June, in fact!)   And the 2 Rons & Frank team assembled the other location with heart and passion.  These valued volunteers understand that the little ones will benefit greatly from their efforts.  Thank you to all!

With this year seeing many updates at Providence Court, it seemed fitting to add a magnificent SwingTime Distributors structure that will stand the test of time. A big shout out to the maintenance department for their support in bringing this to completion.  And thank you for the many donations that help make these playgrounds possible.

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Spring Into Action!

As well as building new homes for future residents, the Society of Hope staff keep very busy maintaining the many housing units we already manage. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to maintain the 'quality' in "providing quality, affordable housing."

Here we see two members of our maintenance team working on one of Hope's properties. This year, we are replacing some property signage, as well as working on replacing some exterior stairs. Providence Court received a new playground, and is scheduled to get some new siding in 2019. A kid's grassed-in play area will be added to the Pleasantvale Family Site. We are updating the landscaping both at Providence Vista on the West side, and Providence Court in Glenmore. The Society will be replacing all the sliding patio doors in Cedar and Birch Manor. These are just a few of our bigger projects!

Continual patching, painting, snow shoveling, renovating and cutting the grass or pruning – a great variety of jobs all intended to keep our buildings and grounds in tip top shape.

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Federal Funding Announcement

On Wednesday, March 27, 2019. The Government of Canada's commitment to seniors was addressed by The Honourable Carla Qualtrough.

Ms. Qualtrough is the Minister of Public Service and Procurement and Accessibility, and Member of Parliament for Delta.  She was joined by Mr. Stephen Fuhr, Member of Parliament for Kelowna-Lake Country. Together they spoke into the proposed 2019 Federal budget, as well as a National Dementia Strategy for Seniors.

Vi Sorenson, Executive Director of Seniors Outreach and Resource Centre hosted this event at The Society of Hope's Apple Valley Location, in the Ziglar Recreation Centre for Seniors.

For further information regarding this commitment and investment into Seniors, go to

Some factors addressed in this article, that may be of interest to our seniors, are:

  • Raising CPP (Canada Pension Plan) benefits
  • OAS (Old Age Security)
  • GIS (Guaranteed Income Supplement) and the GIS Earnings Exemption
  • Allowances and Survival Allowances
  • Seniors having a Secure and Dignified Retirement
  • Seniors receiving the benefits they are entitled to
  • Economic security for low income seniors
  • Isolation, Community participation and Quality of life
  • Having a Minister of Seniors
  • The 10 year National Housing Strategy
  • Home and Palliative care
  • Enabling Accessibility Fund – making community spaces accessible
  • EI Caregiving benefits
  • Protecting workplace pensions.

Bottom Line: Let's make retirement easier for seniors!

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Canadian Military Employer Supports Award!

The Society of Hope recently received a Provincial CFLS (Canadian Forces Liaison Council) Employer Supports Award.  This award is presented every two years, and every Canadian employer is eligible. The award gives Reservists an opportunity to thank and recognise their employers.  As it says in their 'Pacific Connector' Newsletter, "The rewards are intended to recognise the generosity of employers and educators who give the reservists the support and time required for military training and/or deployment."

It was announced on Feb 6, 2019 that the Society of Hope won the "Best Practices in Employer Support – Small Organization" award.  The Headquarters of the 39th Canadian Brigade Group is the location where the official awards ceremony will be held on February 26th.  We are honored to sit as winners among so many larger and well known Employers in BC, such as Correctional Services Canada, Costco, and CP Rail.

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Board Bingo Bowling!

What to do on a cold, snowy January evening?  Why, go bowling, of course!  Here we see the Society of Hope staff enjoying an invite from the Board of Directors to go Bowling.  Did you know that within the Ziglar Recreation Centre, Apple Valley Senior's site houses a 6 lane, 5 pin bowling alley?  Our Resource Coordinator organized 'Bingo Bowling', a fast paced, all participation, wild and silly bowling game.  Each team takes a lane and gets a bingo card with 25 squares.  Squares may say things like "Strike, spare, head pin only, gutter ball, 10 points, 7 points", etc.  Just pick up a ball and start bowling!  First team to fill every square on their card wins!  BINGO!

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Christmas Festivities!

There's no place like Home for the holidays!

It has been a busy and festive season for the Society of Hope.  A great number of our tenants participated in one of our many Christmassy events.  Cedar Court enjoyed seasonal foods at the end of November, followed by Apple Valley's Christmas Mingle on Dec 6th, complete with entertainment and a photo-booth!   A gingerbread house making party was held for the children at our Short Term sites, and goodies were dropped off for our Franklyn Rd. residents.   Woodsdale Place residents in Lake Country were the recipients of some gift baskets, and Providence Meadows enjoyed a party with games and treats.  Pleasantvale enjoyed a banquet style celebration on Dec 13th, and this was closely followed by a holiday meal at our Gordon Drive location on the 20th.   It was wonderful to have so many of our staff and tenants participate.  We greatly appreciate all of the generous donations and helping hands that made these events possible. 

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Providence Boulevard

The Society of Hope, true to its Mission Statement of "Providing Quality Affordable Housing" is at it again. The Board of Directors wanted to see some new family town homes constructed in the next year. Consequently, the Society was able to bring a partnership together to do just that.  BC Housing, the City of Kelowna, Vanmar Constructors and Society of Hope are building 21 new family town homes in the Glenmore Valley. The plan is to bring 16 three bedrooms to market and 5 two bedroom units to market in the autumn of 2019. There is a lot of work yet to do, but this is another step forward. The Society expresses its appreciation to all its partners that work together to bring this needed resource to Kelowna.

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August Update

We are pleased to report that our contractor is putting the finishing touches on Apple Valley Building 3. This picture shows the new gardens nearing completion. The garden features several sitting areas, raised community garden beds and a water feature celebrating the original "water flumes" that were used to irrigate the Kelowna area from Mission Creek. The garden is designed to be a quiet area amidst the busy daily activity at Apple Valley.

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April Update

Apple Valley building 3 has now been under construction for one year. The building is looking great on the exterior. The siding should be complete by the end of April. There still remains much finishing to do inside the building. The building should be complete by July 31, 2018 with occupancy beginning in late summer.

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February News!

The Society of Hope was very pleased to welcome the Honorable Selina Robinson, Minister for Municipal Affairs and Housing to the Apple Valley site on February 2. The minister toured the buildings and then met with many residents and volunteers for a light lunch. The Minister was seeking input from the residents as to what they felt “worked” in this housing model. We were very encouraged and impressed to see how well the Minister engaged with the residents and listened to their comments and recommendations. (Minister Robinson is wearing a blue jacket in the picture above)

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January News Update

Apple Valley Building 3 is taking shape. In January the roof was completed and the windows were installed. The Society anticipates occupancy in the summer of 2018. The Society is currently taking applications for the new building. Apple Valley Building 3 will add 47 new apartment units completing the Apple Valley senior’s housing site.

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November at the Apple Valley Site

Apple Valley Building 3 continues to make progress. In November the wood construction of the building has reached the 5th floor. There has been significant progress on the second half of the Pettit Garden. The Contractor is working hard to get the roof on the building before the snow arrives. The building is scheduled to complete in 2018 with anticipated occupancy in the summer of 2018. The Society is currently taking applications for the new building. Apple Valley Building 3 will add 47 new apartment units completing the Apple Valley senior’s housing site.

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Apple Valley October Update

Apple Valley Building 3 continues to make progress. In October the wood construction of the building is seen to be well underway. The second half of the Pettit Garden is under construction as well. The Contractor is working hard to get the roof on the building before winter arrives. The building is scheduled to complete in 2018 with anticipated occupancy in the summer of 2018. The Society is currently taking applications for the new building. Apple Valley Building 3 will add 47 new apartment units to the Apple Valley site.

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Apple Valley Building 3 Milestone

Apple Valley building 3 reached a significant milestone in late August. 700 cubic meters of concrete was placed in a single day preparing the way for the building to begin. The exterior of the building will take shape over the next few months as the wood structure is constructed. The building, with its 47 apartment units, is projected for occupancy in the summer of 2018.

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Apple Valley Building 3 (June)

Progress is being made on Building 3. The project is on time and on budget. This is the new parkade "slab." The next step is the suspended slab main floor. The goal is complete the project in May of 2018. Thanks to all of our residents for enduring the on-going construction at the Apple valley site.  

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Apple Valley Building 3 is underway

We are pleased to announce that Apple Valley Building 3 is now under construction. Thanks to BC Housing and the Province of BC for their support and financial contribution in moving this project forward. The goal was to pour concrete on April 3, 2017 and that milestone was met. This building will complete the Apple Valley complex by adding 47 new units of senior's housing. Scuka Construction is the contractor for the project. The plan is to complete in May 2018 with the first tenants to move in shortly after that. 

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Pleasantvale Wins 2 Tommies

The Society of Hope's Pleasantvale Project was honored last night by winning two Tommie Awards. These awards are shared with VanMar Constructors, BC Housing, The Rotary Club of Kelowna and the City of Kelowna. Together, we were awarded best Public Private Partnership and the second award was for Excellence in Creating Affordable Housing. For anyone who has seen this project it is not hard to see why it was recognized. This redevelopment created 50 new senior apartment units and 20 family town homes. The project has received great reviews from quality of construction, great location, sensitive design and a beautiful addition to the regeneration of the neighborhood. Congratulations to all those that help make this project possible. 

Jeff Marin of VanMar, Luke Stack, Anne Stack receiving the first award: Excellence in a Public Private partnership. The award was presented by Minister Steve Thomson; MLA for Okanagan Mission.  


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Apple Valley 3 coming

The Province of BC is pleased to announce that the National Society of Hope will receive $4.56 million to advance building 3 located at 2075 Benvoulin Court in Kelowna. Minister Steve Thomson and Minister Norm Letnick were on hand to make the announcement. "With hundreds of housing applicants already on file, we are very grateful that the Provincial Government is supporting the expansion of 47 more apartments at Apple Valley" said President Jeff Simla. Completion of building 3 is estimated to be spring of 2018. The Province is funding three other housing projects in Kelowna as well  - The Ki-Low-Na Friendship Society, Pathways Abilities Society and the City of Kelowna.  


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Southern Interior Construction Association Honours Pleasantvale

The partners of "Pleasantvale" were honoured with an award of excellence from SICA on October 27th. This award noted that this was a perfect example of collaboration from different levels of government  and non-profit organisations. Thanks to Vanmar Constructors, the builder of the project for their fine work on this development.


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Aging seniors' housing complex redeveloped and expanded in Kelowna

The re-developed Pleasantvale seniors and affordable housing development at Central Avenue and Cambridge Avenue in Kelowna is now open. - contributed/Society of Hope

The re-developed Pleasantvale seniors and affordable housing development at Central Avenue and Cambridge Avenue in Kelowna is now open.
— Image Credit: Contributed/Society Of Hope

posted Jul 13, 2016 at 3:00 PM - Courtesy of Kelowna Capital News 

The provincial government says a number of families and seniors in Kelowna now have a new, safe place to call home with the opening of the redeveloped Pleasantvale housing complex in the north end of the city.

Pleasantvale, which was officially re-opened Wednesday with Premier Christy Clark on hand, features 50 affordable housing units for seniors and 20 affordable townhomes for families with low to moderate incomes, thus providing more people in the community with what was described as quality, affordable housing.

"For over 60 years, Pleasantvale has been a home for seniors, and now it will be that and more," said Clark, who represents part of the city as the MLA for Westside-Kelowna. "By providing affordable homes and a real community for seniors and families alike, Pleasantvale will change people's lives."

The local Society of Hope, a non-profit housing society, lead the development and will run the new Pleasantvale.

Located on the 600-block of Richter Street, the original Pleasantvale was the site of a 50-unit aging building for seniors,  a development built in the mid-1950s.  In 2013, its was selected for redevelopment.

After an extensive public consultation process led by B.C. Housing, Kelowna city council approved rezoning of the site, which resulted in the replacement of the original 50 units and the addition of the 20 new affordable-rental homes for families.

A three-government and non-profit group partnership, the project included funding of $5.6 million from Ottawa and Victoria towards the total cost, approximately $12.4 million in construction financing arranged by the province and land, originally donated by the Pleasantvale Homes Society and the City of Kelowna, valued at $2 million. The city also credited $154,070 in development cost charges to the project and granted another $273,171.

"The redevelopment of Pleasantvale is a strong addition to our community and improves the housing options for both seniors and families," said Kelowna Mayor Colin Basran. "Together with the federal and provincial governments, Pleasantvale Homes Society and Society of Hope we have achieved 70 new affordable rental units where aging housing once stood."

The rent for the one-bedroom units for seniors is $667 per month, while the family townhomes rent for between $990 for a two-bedroom and $1,100 per month for a three-bedroom unit.

Seniors also have a place to gather and connect with one another at an outdoor garden area and an amenity space that includes a kitchen.

"This investment is already making a real difference in our community and the lives of those who call Pleasantvale home," said Kelowna-Lake Country MP Stephen Fuhr on behalf of federal families, children and social development minister Jean-Yves Duclos, Duclos is also the federal and minister responsible for the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, another partner in the development.

"Affordable housing projects such as this one are about helping families and seniors who need it most, investing in our future, and supporting the Canadian economy," added Fuhr.

Catherine Comben, chair woman of the Pleasantvale Homes Society  board said the layout of the buildings and the addition of 20 townhomes has maximized the potential for the site, which was exactly what her board wanted to see happen.

"We were so pleased to see our former residents have the opportunity to move into such bright, spacious and safe new homes in exactly their same north end surroundings."


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Adult Day Services Expanded in West Kelowna

Interior Health and the Society of Hope are pleased to partner once again to launch another Adult Day Program. The new location is Providence Vista on Gellatly Road in the City of West Kelowna. This 4 day per week program offers support and encouragement necessary to enable individuals attending to maintain their freedom and independence for as long as possible. This program also offers relief to those who are responsible caregivers. A day in the program could include Fitness, music therapy, trivia, carpet bowling, crafts and games. 


Director Sandi Tebo of the Society of Hope joins Julie Cox in cutting the cake to celebrate the grand opening on June 10, 2016.



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Pleasantvale Complete




May 2016 Update: The new project was completed and taken over in January 2016. Residents began moving in February 2016. The final new residents will be in their new home by June 1, 2016. Many of the apartment units were  assigned to current Pleasantvale tenants who were scheduled to relocate to their new homes in March 2016. The Society of Hope Board and staff wish to express our appreciation to VanMar Constructors for the great work they have done in bringing this project in on time and on budget. Together with BC Housing, The Rotary Club of Kelowna, and the City of Kelowna we have created a beautiful project that will provide 70 new homes to our community. Overall, this is the culmination of many years of hard work - but the final result is worth it. There is no date yet set for a grand opening but we hope this will come soon. 





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Northwood Knitting Team


The Society of Hope is blessed with the support of many volunteers. In November 2014 the Society received 164 hours of volunteer time to assist our full-time staff in delivering programs. This Christmas the Northwood Regency Resort knitting volunteers knitted lovely scarves, blankets and other items. They generously donated these beautiful items to the Society of Hope's Short Term Housing residents. It is through the kindness and caring of people like this that the Society can make a difference to its resident's lives. These gifts will be added to Christmas hampers bringing cheer to many. We express our thanks to the volunteers for their kindness and caring.   


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Pleasantvale Sod Turning on a sunny December day

L-r: Hope Executive Director Luke Stack, MLA Norm Letnick, Pleasantvale Homes President Catherine Comden, MP Ron Cannan, Premier Christy Clark, Mayor Colin Basran, Hope President Lorne Gerber, MLA Steve Thomson and MC Warren Postnikoff.  

IMG 7136
December 15th, 2014
KELOWNA – The governments of Canada and British Columbia, along with community partners, celebrated the official groundbreaking of the redevelopment of Pleasantvale today, which will provide 50 units of affordable seniors’ housing and 20 townhomes for families with low to moderate incomes in Kelowna. Construction of the new Pleasantvale, located on the 600 block of Richter St., is scheduled to be completed by spring 2016. Quick facts:


  • The Governments of Canada and B.C. will provide a combined investment of over $5.6 million towards the purchase of the 20 affordable rental townhomes for families with low to moderate income through the Federal-Provincial Housing Initiative  under the Canada-B.C. Agreement for Investment in Affordable Housing 2011-2014 that was recently extended until 2019. The purchase will take place upon building completion.
  • The B.C. government arranged approximately $12.4 million in construction financing for the project and provided the land, originally donated by Pleasantvale Homes Society and the City of Kelowna, valued at $2 million.
  • The City of Kelowna credited $154,070 in development cost charges and granted $273,171.
  • The Society of Hope will manage and operate the development.

Honourable Ron Cannan, Member of Parliament for Kelowna-Lake Country – 

“The rebuilding of Pleasantvale Homes is an exciting project where young families and seniors will form a close knit community, bringing each other a wealth of support and experience. I am very proud of our Government’s investment in our community and in improving the quality of life of our residents.” Premier Christy Clark, MLA for Westside-Kelowna – 

“For over two decades, the Society of Hope has been making a difference in people’s lives, and we’re pleased to partner with them on this project. The redevelopment of Pleasantvale will not only continue and preserve the legacy left by Pleasantvale Homes Society, but it also ensures 
residents will have increased access to new, affordable housing in Kelowna for years to come.” Mayor Colin Basran, City of Kelowna – 

“The city’s investment on this project will help enhance and increase the existing affordable housing options available in our city, making a real difference in the lives of all those who currently call and will call Pleasantvale home. We’d like to thank all of our partners for their support and dedication to providing for all those in need of affordable housing in this community.” Catherine Comben, chair, Pleasantvale Homes Society – 

"Pleasantvale Homes Society, a project of the Rotary Club of Kelowna since the early 1950's is proud to have contributed the land for the redevelopment of Pleasantvale. This will ensure that the needs of low income and disadvantaged seniors in our community will continue to be met for the upcoming decades through the auspices of the Society of Hope as they become the new operators of the redeveloped complex." Lorne Gerber, president, Society of Hope – 

“Our society is honoured to partner with all levels of government for the redevelopment of Pleasantvale. The society’s goal is to provide new, modern homes for families and seniors in need of affordable housing on this site and we look forward to the completion of this development to achieve this goal.

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Community Impact Award - Society of Hope

The Business Excellence Awards have been celebrating outstanding success in Kelowna for the past 25 years. They are presented by the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce.

Each year, nominations are received for the business and individual awards. The nominees fill in a detailed nomination form that is then reviewed by an impressive group of judges.  The group of finalists are selected based on the information contained in the nomination package.  The finalists are then visited in person by the judges in September.  The finalists are profiled during the Business Excellence Awards ceremony during Small Business Week in October and the recipients are announced that evening.

The Society of Hope was honored to receive this award on October 23, 2013. The finalists were all very deserving organizations - Accelerate Okanagan, United Way of the Central Okanagan and Metro Community. Ken Zeitner represented the Society of Hope with a moving acceptance speech.
DSCN4769 Web Ken and Barb

Web Lisa Kathy and Dave Web Lorne and Larrry

Web Warren and MaureenDSCN4760  Web Luke and Lisa DSCN4758
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