About Us


The Society of Hope was established in 1989 by a local group of Christians with the goal of providing quality affordable housing to single mothers who were struggling to find secure, safe, and affordable places to live. At that time, we had two apartment buildings to serve the community, but it was clear more affordable housing was desperately needed.

Recognizing the increasing need for family housing, we were fortunate to partner with BC Housing and the federal government to construct several multi-family townhome projects throughout the 90s and into the early 2000s. We also built housing to support single women who were at risk of homelessness and housing for seniors and those with disabilities. 

Since being established, the Society of Hope has provided housing to thousands of households in our region. We have grown to become the largest non-profit housing provider in the BC Interior and will soon be operating more than 900 residential units of affordable housing at over 20 locations. We are actively working to build more affordable housing as the need continues to expand. 

We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a wonderful group of people and to have such a strong team who help us provide this much-needed housing.

Core Values

Responding to the challenge of Jesus to “love your neighbor as yourself”

We desire to care for people and encourage tenants to integrate into their community.

We will embrace integrity and ethical conduct.

We treat residents and applicants with respect and dignity.

We will take initiative in our work and ministry.

We do the best job possible with available resources—maintenance of equipment, properties, and buildings are a priority.

We will work cooperatively with one another.


Provide Quality Affordable Housing