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A Dry Summer Ahead!

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The Society of Hope has been proud and privileged over the past few years to have taken part in BC Hydro / Fortis BC's Energy Conservation Assistance Program (ECAP), while working alongside It's on Electric and Ecofitt.  These companies manage multiple programs providing clean energy solutions.

Our tenants have reaped the rewards of these Programs having received many energy-efficient products such as LED bulbs, carbon monoxide detectors, showerheads, fridges, furnaces and more. This past month we received several drying racks for tenants who have been participating in the Program.

Drying racks are a wonderful alternative to using a dryer, while also being a whole lot gentler on fabrics.  BC Hydro's website states that dryers can account for up to 12% of your home's energy.  This represents a significant savings to your energy bill.

We wish to recognize BC Hydro, Fortis BC, It's on Electric and Ecofitt, by saying THANK YOU!  Their dedication to providing all these energy savings have contributed to huge savings for The Society of Hope.

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New Year, New Resolves!

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Happy New Year!

As this is the time of year many of you like to clean up and de-clutter, let us make recycling less complicated!

First of all - RULE #1!!!!    Plastic bags are NOT accepted in our Recycling Bins!


Plastic bags cause damage to automated recycling equipment "they get caught in processing machinery. Each time plastic bags become tangled in machinery, the entire plant shuts down and our employees manually climb into equipment and cut out plastic bags.

Additionally, recyclables stuck inside plastic bags are at risk for never making it through the recycling process. Ultimately, plastic bags create a hazard for recycling workers and make recycling plants less efficient, therefore, we can no longer accept plastic bags in recycling.

However, clean and dry plastic bags can be recycled at many local retailers "just not in your home or business recycling container. Visit to find a take-back location near you."

Secondly, The only plastics that can be put into Society of Hope Recycle Bins are: food & beverage bottles, jugs and tubes.

Other things we do NOT want you to put into the recycling bin:

  • No GLASS bottles or containers!
  • No Food!
  • No Liquids!
  • No Electronics!
  • No Small appliances!
  • No Textiles, bedding, rugs, furniture or carpets!
  • No Holiday lights, hangers or extension cords!
  • No Paper plates, cups, napkins or tissues!
  • No Polystyrene Foam (No Styrofoam/foam packing peanuts!)
  • No Tires, Auto parts or Scrap Metal!
  • No concrete, wood or construction debris!
  • No Yard waste or wood!
  • No Batteries!

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'Tis the Season

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It truly is the season for both giving, and for receiving!  Many of our Senior Tenants are being gifted through the London Drugs "Stocking Stuffers for Seniors" program this year!  Thank you London Drugs for providing this cheerful and amazing seasonal program!  The Society of Hope office was overwhelmed with the generosity of Okanagan Residents who gave generously to many our tenants.  Beautifully wrapped boxes and overflowing bags have arrived, and they are ready to be delivered.

Seniors are giving back as well.  Many hours were spent crafting custom quilts and bags to provide for some of our Short Term moms and moms with children.  The talent and caring is obvious – what a beautiful time of year!

We'd also like to take this time to acknowledge all our volunteers.  So many of you have given your time and efforts to one or more of our sites and activities.    A humble expression of appreciation going out to those who have donated to the Society of Hope as well.  The Society is truly moved by the unbelievable amount of donations our incredible champions have presented to us over this last year.  Thank you!

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Wall, wall, wall - what do we have here?

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Thanks to our stylish new glass 3/4 wall, our office is once again open to the public.  We are receiving housing applications, and have incorporated extra sanitizing into our 'new normal.'  Our office is open from Monday - Friday from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm, and from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm on 'rent days.'  (First business day of each month.)  We do not require mask use at this time.  Sanitizer is available upon entering our doors.

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Here we grow again!

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As posted recently on   (Edited)

"The provincial government has announced 122 new affordable rental units in Kelowna."

The project at 2175 Benvoulin Road will house seniors and other demographics are being considered as well, in partnership with the National Society of Hope.

20% of the units will be deeply subsidized. continued with, "The project is being funded by the BC Community Housing Fund, which supports mixed buildings that see 50 per cent of units set aside for incomes up to $64,000 and 30 per cent earmarked for those making up to $74,000 per year."

Rental fees for the building have not been released yet.

'The Community Housing Fund is about just that - community. Through this program, we are working with our partners to build thousands of new homes that are affordable for a mix of people, from growing families to seniors on fixed incomes,' said Selina Robinson, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

The rental units in Kelowna are among 540 announced in B.C. on Sunday, with others in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and Northern B.C."

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We Put the Social in being Socially Responsible!

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Warm summer days can give a couple of hours of relief for tenants longing for community and entertainment.  The Society of Hope has a handful of short, Covid-friendly events planned!  (These are OUTSIDE in the large Pettit Garden area, between Apple Valley 2 and Apple Valley 3 buildings – where the historic flume is located.)  Building by building, tenants are invited to stand out on their balconies overlooking the courtyard to participate, or encouraged to wear a mask and come down to the garden and sit 6 feet apart from their neighbours.  The first week found Ray Turner belting out some well received tunes.  He played on various instruments while tenants enjoyed an ice cream social.  On Aug 14th a nostalgic BBQ was hosted.  Here we see some gloved and masked up volunteers ready to serve at the vintage car grill, donated by Boyd Autobody.  The band 'Smitten's groovy sounds and fun atmosphere also brought many smiles.  One event will feature our very own Apple Valley Singers – fitting to celebrate this month's birthdays with a piece of cake to go!   And coming up in early September we will welcome back Ray Turner and his 'not so oldies' music. There will be a well-spaced, single serving, hygienic dessert bar.  To quote Dr. Bonnie Henry, BC's provincial health officer, "Be kind, be calm, and be safe!"  

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Garden Garnish!

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The Society of Hope Maintenance Team has been busy this spring!  As well as pruning and getting the irrigation up and working on all 19 sites, an inviting new Pergola has sprung up in Lake Country!  The Woodsdale Place pathway has been embellished with a fresh and rustic wooden structure in the garden area - and it is ready to be enjoyed.  A stroll through the Pergola sounds lovely this time of year!

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Be Safe.

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Society has closed our office to the public until further notice. Our phone lines will be monitored and we will return calls as we are able. Society staff will meet with tenants by appointment only.  Tenants may call the tenant phone line to book an appointment.

Applications may be dropped through the office mail slot, however, the Society is not processing new housing applications at this time.  Please check back at a later date.

Under the advisement of the Provincial Government Ministry of Health,  All of the Society of Hope Community Centre rooms are closed, including the Ziglar Recreation Centre.  We regret the inconvenience this causes tenants.

The Society of Hope is taking a number of pro-active measures to keep staff and tenants safe: There has been increased cleaning and disinfecting of common entrances, lobbies, surfaces and door handles since March 4, 2020.  This extra cleaning will continue.

All residents are encouraged to wash their hands regularly, sneeze and/or cough into their sleeve, avoid touching their face, and practice social distancing.  Everyone has a role to play to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Mona Fortier visits Kelowna

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Mona Fortier, The Minister of Middle Class Prosperity and Associate Minister of Finance, visited the Apple Valley complex on Monday, March 2nd. She was here to promote quality of life and affordability.  A variety of topics were discussed,  highlights being earlier pensions, the child tax credit, middle class tax cuts, climate change, and of course, affordable housing.

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Providence Boulevard Grand Opening!

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On January 30th, 2020, the Hon. Selina Robinson, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, toured Providence Boulevard.  This site is the Society of Hope's latest Family Townhome project in Glenmore.  These new homes for working families are the result of a successful partnership between the BC Government, the City of Kelowna, BC Housing, Vanmar Constructors and the Society of Hope.  Families moved into their beautiful new homes in November 2019; All of the homes are now occupied.

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