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New Year, New Resolves!


Happy New Year!

As this is the time of year many of you like to clean up and de-clutter, let us make recycling less complicated!

First of all - RULE #1!!!!    Plastic bags are NOT accepted in our Recycling Bins!


Plastic bags cause damage to automated recycling equipment "they get caught in processing machinery. Each time plastic bags become tangled in machinery, the entire plant shuts down and our employees manually climb into equipment and cut out plastic bags.

Additionally, recyclables stuck inside plastic bags are at risk for never making it through the recycling process. Ultimately, plastic bags create a hazard for recycling workers and make recycling plants less efficient, therefore, we can no longer accept plastic bags in recycling.

However, clean and dry plastic bags can be recycled at many local retailers "just not in your home or business recycling container. Visit to find a take-back location near you."

Secondly, The only plastics that can be put into Society of Hope Recycle Bins are: food & beverage bottles, jugs and tubes.

Other things we do NOT want you to put into the recycling bin:

  • No GLASS bottles or containers!
  • No Food!
  • No Liquids!
  • No Electronics!
  • No Small appliances!
  • No Textiles, bedding, rugs, furniture or carpets!
  • No Holiday lights, hangers or extension cords!
  • No Paper plates, cups, napkins or tissues!
  • No Polystyrene Foam (No Styrofoam/foam packing peanuts!)
  • No Tires, Auto parts or Scrap Metal!
  • No concrete, wood or construction debris!
  • No Yard waste or wood!
  • No Batteries!
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