Providence Pines Unit Inspections

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Providence Pines Unit Inspections

September 20 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm




Wednesday September 20, 2023 – 9 AM TO NOON


During the above date and time, I will be entering each unit along with additional Society of Hope staff for the purpose of completing Property Management annual unit inspections. These inspections are completed to promote the health and safety of all residents by monitoring the condition of the property. Tenants are not required to be home. The Society of Hope has access to all units, please do not leave doors unlocked. Children under 19 cannot be left unattended while Society Staff are in the unit. Thank you for your cooperation as we endeavor to keep the property in good condition.


  1. What are Site Managers looking for?

Site Managers are looking for safety issues such as hazardous material storage including flammables or unreasonable quantities of tenant belongings which would impede access for Emergency Responders or encourage pests. Secondly, Site Managers are looking to ensure there are no unapproved pets and that there is no damage occurring to the property. And thirdly, we are looking to see if tenant belongings are being stored in an approved manner and location.

  1. Do Site Managers look through all my cupboards, drawers, and closets?

No. We take tenants’ privacy very seriously. We do however need access to all areas of your home such as bedrooms, bathrooms, storage rooms.

  1. I don’t like it when the Society comes into my house to inspect it, does it really need to be done?

We understand that having strangers walk through your home is uncomfortable and can feel intrusive. The Society does this with each of the 703 households we operate. It is necessary that we, as the property owners, take the effort to ensure our properties are in reasonable and safe condition for each of our tenants.

  1. I have never had any feedback about how the inspection of my unit went, why is that?

It is because there were no issues with safety, storage, or condition of your unit. Site Managers only communicate if there is an issue that needs to be addressed. Bottom line, no news is good news. 

NOTE:  We kindly ask that any repair requests be made through either our tenant line (778-478-1001) or through our website ( under “tenant service request” located at the bottom of the homepage. 

Julie Dorsey

Property Manager


September 20
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
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Providence Pines