Resource Department - Encouraging Community

sun flowerThe Society of Hope Resource Department adds an additional dimension to the Organizational Mission Statement of “Providing Quality Affordable Housing.” Residents of independent rental housing are encouraged to develop community in their respective buildings. This is accomplished in many ways.

Firstly, wherever possible, the Society creates built environments that are conducive to establishing community. The Society has built many community centres, common kitchens, amenity rooms, community gardens, and outdoor porches through-out its properties to provide an attractive location for people to gather, socialize and recreate. These spaces are designed for people to connect.

To bring these gathering places to life, the Resource Department oversees the programing and resident use of these spaces. Through active programming, residents are invited and encouraged to meet their neighbors, collaborate with one another, stay active and become connected neighbors.

Additionally, in Short-term transition housing, the Resource Department provides support to women and children and connects them with donated resources and community services.

The Society Philosophy is that...

Residents that are active and connected will maintain and extend their residency with the Society. The Society has found that stable long-term tenancies improve the quality of life for residents and improve operational efficiencies of the Society.

Community Partners

The Society of Hope collaborates with a variety of Community service providers to benefit the community. The Society works with a variety of organizations. These organisations include the Interior Health Adult Day program, The Senior’s Outreach Resource Society, and Mama’s for Mama’s. Each of these organizations provide opportunities for Society tenants to both volunteer as well as receive services based upon their individual need.

The Society of Hope values being a good community partner and desires to use it's resources to benefit both residents and the community at large.

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9:00 am - 1:00 pm

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