Apple Valley Building 3 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Apple Valley Building 3 Frequently Asked Questions:

The Society of Hope Mission Statement “Providing Quality Affordable Housing”

Who is the building for?

Independent living for seniors 55 yrs and older. All units are rental units.

How many units?

There are 47 units in Building 3 (72 units in Building I, 78 units in Building 2)


·       14 - 2 bedroom units                       970 sq. Ft.        Balcony            

·       29 - 1 bedroom units                       576 Sq. Ft.        Balcony

·       4 - Wheel Chair units                       645 Sq. Ft.        No Balcony  

How much are the market rents?

One bedroom units    $837

Two bedroom units   $1195                               

(Please note: final rental rates are estimates only. Rates may vary depending on interest rates and market conditions.)

How are units subsidized?

The project blends low end of market rents with reduced rents and S.A.F.E.R. (Shelter Aid For Elderly Renters) subsidies are available for all qualified senior applicants -

For more information please go to the BC Housing website and look for S.A.F.E.R. information. www.bchousing.org/housing-assistance

Does the Government provide monthly subsidies to the Society of Hope for Apple Valley subsidized units?

No.  The Society must manage the property from rental incomes it charges. The Provincial Government has provided a generous one-time equity contribution of $4,560,000 to make this project possible.  The Government of BC has also arranged $9.9 million in construction financing for this project. The Society of Hope has invested $1.5 million in land equity for the project.

How much is the subsidized rent?

The Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters (SAFER) program helps make rents affordable for BC seniors with low to moderate incomes. SAFER provides monthly cash payments directly to the tenants. This subsidizes rents for eligible BC residents who are age 60 or over and who pay rent for their homes. S.A.F.E.R subsidies vary depending on income. Please visit the BC Housing/housing assistance website for details.

Will my rent change if my income drops? This is not a simple answer – it depends on a variety of factors. For low-end-of-market units the rent does not change with income changes. For some rent-geared-to-income units rent would change. The S.A.F.E.R subsidy also is income dependent.  

Will there be regular rent increases? The Society reviews rents annually and does make rent changes based on market conditions - small annual increases are typical.

What method can I pay rent?

All tenants must agree to be on Pre-authorized Debit (PAD)

How much is the damage deposit?

One half of the market monthly rent.

Is there an on-site manager/caretaker? No. The Society operates all its properties from a central office.

Are there any meals provided?

No – Each unit is self contained with its own kitchen.

There is a “Community centre” with a full kitchen in the Ziglar Recreation and Senior Support Centre if tenants desire to put on a coordinated event.

Are cleaning or laundry services available? Sorry no.

Is there a guest suite for visitors – Sorry no.

Is this a smoke free building?

Yes - Smoking is not permitted in the building, in suites or on balconies.   

Is there storage for R.Vs, boats and trailers? Sorry no.

Is there a senior volunteer program? Yes – it is very active.  

Can I have a BBQ on my deck? Sorry No - due to fire risk.

Is there a workshop? Sorry – no.

Cable and Internet? The building is serviced with both Shaw and Telus. Each resident can select their preferred service provider and make their own personal arrangements. Each resident is responsible for their own costs for these services. The Ziglar Recreation Centre does offer internet connections for Tenants.

Are there unit lay-out plans to look at? Yes these are available.                     

When are the new units ready? June-July 2018.

Auto, Scooter and bicycle parking?  Is parking included in rent? No

Automobile parking is $30.00 per month (Heated underground parking)

There are a limited number of parking stalls available.

  • Covered Bicycle parking – No charge
  • Electric Scooter parking stalls – No charge

Is there a place to plug in electric scooters?

  • Yes – in the parkade. There is a designated “scooter parking area” in the parkade.

Are electric scooters permitted in the hallways or in your units?

  • No.

What type of flooring is in the suites?

There are no carpets. Each suite is done in vinyl plank that looks like hardwood.

Vinyl Plank flooring is modern looking and easy to maintain. The Society has installed a product called “Accoustamat” to reduce noise transference between suites; however, this is community living and existing tenants acknowledge that, at times, they can still hear noise from tenants above them.   


Appliances/ Plumbing /Heating & Cooling

What appliances are included in the rent?

18 cubic ft fridge; Electric stove, and Air Conditioner.       (All appliances are white)

Do units have a dishwasher?

The 2 bedroom units come with a dishwasher.

The one bedroom units do not have a dishwasher.

Are there laundry facilities in the building?

There are no public laundry facilities; each unit has a hook-up for a washer and dryer.

The Society does not provide washers and dryers.

Is each unit plumbed for standard washers and dryers? Two bedroom units require stacked washers and dryers, one bedroom units have room for a side by side washer and dryer.  

Bathrooms? Each unit has one three piece bathroom

Two bedroom units have two bathrooms. One with shower and one with tub.

Does each unit have a bathtub? No.  All one bedroom units have a sit down shower unit with a metal grab bar. The 4 Wheel Chair units have roll in showers. The two bedroom units have both a sit down shower and a bathtub. 

What height are toilets? Each toilet is a 16.5” raised rim toilet with slow closing toilet seats.

Kitchen sink? Each kitchen is equipped with a double stainless steel sink.

How are units heated? Electric baseboard heat.

Is electricity included in the rent?

No – Each Tenant must make arrangements with Fortis BC for their own electricity.

Is hot water included in the rent? Yes.

Is Air Conditioning included?

The Society provides an air conditioner in each unit. The cost of electricity to run the air conditioner is paid by the Tenant.

What is the address? 2075 Benvoulin Court, Kelowna, B.C.  V1W 0A5

Is there an elevator in the building? Yes - one elevator.

Can I transfer from another Society of Hope building to Apple Valley? Sorry – no.

What about Pets?

1.     The Society has a Pet policy. A tenant may keep the following animals as a pet:

a)    a bird;

b)    a fish;

c)     a rodent;

Sorry, no cats or dogs.

Storage? Storage lockers will be available to those that want it at a cost of $10.00 per month. These wooden storage areas are in the parkade level and are approximately 3' X 4' X 7’ high in size. 

Do I need personal belongings insurance?

No – but Tenants are strongly encouraged to carry adequate insurance coverage for fire, smoke, and water damage, and theft, on their own possessions. Tenants may be held liable for accidental injury, damage or breakage arising from the Tenants willful or negligent act or that of their guests. Apple Valley residents are eligible to enroll in an affordable group tenant’s insurance program offered through BC Housing.

Are Future phases planned?

No. Building 3 completes the Apple Valley project of 200 units.  

Community Gardens – Is there a place I can garden?

Yes. There are raised community gardens for residents on the property on a first come first serve basis.

Ziglar Recreation and Senior Support Center: (ZRSSC)

Monthly access fee: $15.00

The Ziglar Recreation Center offers the following amenities:

The ZRSSC is approximately 12,000 square feet

Community Hall and kitchen                                           

Library and Card room with Fire place                      

Darts; shuffle Board; and pool table.                            

6 lane bowling alley (5 pin)                                              

Multi-purpose room (s)                                                                    

Washrooms (5 women; 3 men and HC)

Do I have to pay the access fee for the Recreation Center even if I do not want to use it? Yes, it is mandatory.  

Why is the Recreation center named in honor of Gordon and Helen Ziglar?

The Ziglar family donated a corporate shares to the Society of Hope in the 1990’s to help provide equity to build a senior housing complex with an active recreation and social centre.  The Recreation Center is named in their honor and to acknowledge their gift.

What Senior Support Services are there?

The Seniors Outreach Services Society operates from Apple Valley. This organization offers assistance to seniors in the community. This includes advice; housing information; information regarding community services; safety; elder guide; Income tax preparation; and visitation.

The Interior Health Adult Day Services program runs five days a week at Apple Valley.

Are their nursing services in the building?

No. All nursing services must be arranged personally with Interior Health.

Construction in the area? 

The Society of Hope is a growing non-profit society that believes in its Mission to expand quality affordable housing in the Central Okanagan.   Benvoulin Court has numerous large properties yet to be developed. All residents of Apple Valley should anticipate construction in this area for the foreseeable future which means Residents can expect the advantages and disadvantages of living in a developing neighborhood.   

Partners: BC Housing- provided equity funding and project financing with support from the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia. This project would not be possible without the support of these government agencies.

The City of Kelowna has provided a Housing Grant to reduce the DCC charges on the project. The City also provides property tax relief in the first 10 years of operation. 

CMHC has provided PDF loan money and a grant to assist this project in its early development

Operator: Society of Hope

Contractor: Scuka Enterprises Ltd.

Architect: PMA Architecture; Novation Design; Sage Interior Design.




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Apple Valley Building 3 (June)

Progress is being made on Building 3. The project is on time and on budget. This is the new parkade "slab" under construction in late June 2017.The next step is to pour the suspended slab main floor. The goal is complete the project in May of 2018. Thanks to all of our residents for enduring the on-going construction at the Apple valley site.  

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Aging seniors' housing complex redeveloped and expanded in Kelowna

The re-developed Pleasantvale seniors and affordable housing development at Central Avenue and Cambridge Avenue in Kelowna is now open. - contributed/Society of Hope

The re-developed Pleasantvale seniors and affordable housing development at Central Avenue and Cambridge Avenue in Kelowna is now open.
— Image Credit: Contributed/Society Of Hope

posted Jul 13, 2016 at 3:00 PM - Courtesy of Kelowna Capital News 

The provincial government says a number of families and seniors in Kelowna now have a new, safe place to call home with the opening of the redeveloped Pleasantvale housing complex in the north end of the city.

Pleasantvale, which was officially re-opened Wednesday with Premier Christy Clark on hand, features 50 affordable housing units for seniors and 20 affordable townhomes for families with low to moderate incomes, thus providing more people in the community with what was described as quality, affordable housing.

"For over 60 years, Pleasantvale has been a home for seniors, and now it will be that and more," said Clark, who represents part of the city as the MLA for Westside-Kelowna. "By providing affordable homes and a real community for seniors and families alike, Pleasantvale will change people's lives."

The local Society of Hope, a non-profit housing society, lead the development and will run the new Pleasantvale.

Located on the 600-block of Richter Street, the original Pleasantvale was the site of a 50-unit aging building for seniors,  a development built in the mid-1950s.  In 2013, its was selected for redevelopment.

After an extensive public consultation process led by B.C. Housing, Kelowna city council approved rezoning of the site, which resulted in the replacement of the original 50 units and the addition of the 20 new affordable-rental homes for families.

A three-government and non-profit group partnership, the project included funding of $5.6 million from Ottawa and Victoria towards the total cost, approximately $12.4 million in construction financing arranged by the province and land, originally donated by the Pleasantvale Homes Society and the City of Kelowna, valued at $2 million. The city also credited $154,070 in development cost charges to the project and granted another $273,171.

"The redevelopment of Pleasantvale is a strong addition to our community and improves the housing options for both seniors and families," said Kelowna Mayor Colin Basran. "Together with the federal and provincial governments, Pleasantvale Homes Society and Society of Hope we have achieved 70 new affordable rental units where aging housing once stood."

The rent for the one-bedroom units for seniors is $667 per month, while the family townhomes rent for between $990 for a two-bedroom and $1,100 per month for a three-bedroom unit.

Seniors also have a place to gather and connect with one another at an outdoor garden area and an amenity space that includes a kitchen.

"This investment is already making a real difference in our community and the lives of those who call Pleasantvale home," said Kelowna-Lake Country MP Stephen Fuhr on behalf of federal families, children and social development minister Jean-Yves Duclos, Duclos is also the federal and minister responsible for the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, another partner in the development.

"Affordable housing projects such as this one are about helping families and seniors who need it most, investing in our future, and supporting the Canadian economy," added Fuhr.

Catherine Comben, chair woman of the Pleasantvale Homes Society  board said the layout of the buildings and the addition of 20 townhomes has maximized the potential for the site, which was exactly what her board wanted to see happen.

"We were so pleased to see our former residents have the opportunity to move into such bright, spacious and safe new homes in exactly their same north end surroundings."


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Adult Day Services Expanded in West Kelowna

Interior Health and the Society of Hope are pleased to partner once again to launch another Adult Day Program. The new location is Providence Vista on Gellatly Road in the City of West Kelowna. This 4 day per week program offers support and encouragement necessary to enable individuals attending to maintain their freedom and independence for as long as possible. This program also offers relief to those who are responsible caregivers. A day in the program could include Fitness, music therapy, trivia, carpet bowling, crafts and games. 


Director Sandi Tebo of the Society of Hope joins Julie Cox in cutting the cake to celebrate the grand opening on June 10, 2016.



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Pleasantvale Complete




May 2016 Update: The new project was completed and taken over in January 2016. Residents began moving in February 2016. The final new residents will be in their new home by June 1, 2016. Many of the apartment units were  assigned to current Pleasantvale tenants who were scheduled to relocate to their new homes in March 2016. The Society of Hope Board and staff wish to express our appreciation to VanMar Constructors for the great work they have done in bringing this project in on time and on budget. Together with BC Housing, The Rotary Club of Kelowna, and the City of Kelowna we have created a beautiful project that will provide 70 new homes to our community. Overall, this is the culmination of many years of hard work - but the final result is worth it. There is no date yet set for a grand opening but we hope this will come soon. 





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Pleasantvale Sod Turning on a sunny December day

L-r: Hope Executive Director Luke Stack, MLA Norm Letnick, Pleasantvale Homes President Catherine Comden, MP Ron Cannan, Premier Christy Clark, Mayor Colin Basran, Hope President Lorne Gerber, MLA Steve Thomson and MC Warren Postnikoff.  

IMG 7136
December 15th, 2014
KELOWNA – The governments of Canada and British Columbia, along with community partners, celebrated the official groundbreaking of the redevelopment of Pleasantvale today, which will provide 50 units of affordable seniors’ housing and 20 townhomes for families with low to moderate incomes in Kelowna. Construction of the new Pleasantvale, located on the 600 block of Richter St., is scheduled to be completed by spring 2016. Quick facts:


  • The Governments of Canada and B.C. will provide a combined investment of over $5.6 million towards the purchase of the 20 affordable rental townhomes for families with low to moderate income through the Federal-Provincial Housing Initiative  under the Canada-B.C. Agreement for Investment in Affordable Housing 2011-2014 that was recently extended until 2019. The purchase will take place upon building completion.
  • The B.C. government arranged approximately $12.4 million in construction financing for the project and provided the land, originally donated by Pleasantvale Homes Society and the City of Kelowna, valued at $2 million.
  • The City of Kelowna credited $154,070 in development cost charges and granted $273,171.
  • The Society of Hope will manage and operate the development.

Honourable Ron Cannan, Member of Parliament for Kelowna-Lake Country – 

“The rebuilding of Pleasantvale Homes is an exciting project where young families and seniors will form a close knit community, bringing each other a wealth of support and experience. I am very proud of our Government’s investment in our community and in improving the quality of life of our residents.” Premier Christy Clark, MLA for Westside-Kelowna – 

“For over two decades, the Society of Hope has been making a difference in people’s lives, and we’re pleased to partner with them on this project. The redevelopment of Pleasantvale will not only continue and preserve the legacy left by Pleasantvale Homes Society, but it also ensures 
residents will have increased access to new, affordable housing in Kelowna for years to come.” Mayor Colin Basran, City of Kelowna – 

“The city’s investment on this project will help enhance and increase the existing affordable housing options available in our city, making a real difference in the lives of all those who currently call and will call Pleasantvale home. We’d like to thank all of our partners for their support and dedication to providing for all those in need of affordable housing in this community.” Catherine Comben, chair, Pleasantvale Homes Society – 

"Pleasantvale Homes Society, a project of the Rotary Club of Kelowna since the early 1950's is proud to have contributed the land for the redevelopment of Pleasantvale. This will ensure that the needs of low income and disadvantaged seniors in our community will continue to be met for the upcoming decades through the auspices of the Society of Hope as they become the new operators of the redeveloped complex." Lorne Gerber, president, Society of Hope – 

“Our society is honoured to partner with all levels of government for the redevelopment of Pleasantvale. The society’s goal is to provide new, modern homes for families and seniors in need of affordable housing on this site and we look forward to the completion of this development to achieve this goal.
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