Short Term Women's Housing FAQs

1.    How can I rent an affordable housing unit with the Society of Hope?
Those who wish to rent a unit with the Society must first complete a Society of Hope housing application. Applicants are put onto a waiting list.  When a unit becomes available, an applicant is chosen from the waiting list.  Application forms are available at our office or may be downloaded from the website: Application Forms

2.   This is an emergency, I need a place to live by the end of the month - can you help me?
Unfortunately, the Society of Hope does not provide emergency housing. Please contact the Kelowna Women’s Resource Centre at 250-762-2355 or Kelowna Community Resources at 250-863-8008 for current listings of emergency housing.

3.  Where am I on the waiting list?
The Society is not able to provide this information since new applications are taken every week and the priority of placement is constantly changing.  As a result, the Society only reviews the priority of the waiting list when a unit becomes available.

4.   What does a successful applicant profile look like?

  • Women 19 years or older with or without children
  • Ability to live independently and manage your personal household
  • Willingness to adhere to specific rules and regulations while a resident of short term housing
  • Agreement to establish and work toward completing self-directed goals while in short term housing
  • Willingness to access community resources
  • Drug and alcohol addiction free for six months
  • Male dependants (children) 11 years or under
  • Ability to provide a good current landlord reference
  • Family size is appropriate for the unit size that is available.

5.   How does the Society choose the applicant for the next available unit?
Placements are made from the waiting list and are based on a series of factors.  Applicants are selected by the criteria in item #4 above.

6.  How much is the rent? 

There are a variety of housing programs the Society operates under: In many units, the rent is set at 30% of the applican'ts income, but for other units, rent is set at the low-end-of-market rents.

One Bedroom LEM rates (Based on single occupancy)             $ 425

One bedroom LEM rates with one child                                        $ 625

Two bedroom LEM rates with two children                                  $ 685

The Society collects the utility fee with the monthly rent and remits payment to the utility companies.

7.    Will I have my own space?

Yes. All tenants are assigned a self-contained suite.  Each suite has a kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom(s). This is independant living.

8.    Can I have visitors?

Only registered Residents  may be on premises between the hours of 10:00 pm - 8:00 am. There are to be no guests, including family, staying in the suite overnight without written permission from the Property Manager.   

All males over 12 years of age must remain in common areas and may not enter restricted areas without express permission from the Society of Hope. Restricted areas include stairwells, elevator, 2nd and 3rd floor halls, laundry rooms and Resident's suites. 

Guests must abide by the rules as specified in the "Rules and Regulations” document.

9. How long will it take to get placed in a unit?

Regretfully, the number of applicants is much greater than the number of units available.  The length of time applicants wait will vary.  A new placement can only be placed when a current tenant vacates a unit.

10.  How long can I stay in Short Term Housing?

Residents can stay for one year. Residents, in good standing, can apply to extend their residency beyond one year. All residencies must be less than two years.   

11.  Is this substance free housing?
The use of alcohol, non-prescription drugs or abuse of prescription drugs on the premises is strictly prohibited.

12.  Can I smoke in my unit?

Smoking in the suites is prohibited.  These buildings are designated as a “SMOKE- FREE” environment.  Smoking is permitted in the outside designated areas.

13.  Can I keep my pets?
No pets of any kind shall be kept on the premises. No cats, dogs or rabbits may be brought onto the Society property at any time.

14. Can I see pictures of the units? Please visit: Short Term Housing for pictures and locations of buildings.

15. Can I move into whatever is available and then transfer to another unit in future? Unfortunately, no. The Society is committed to placing tenants in appropriately sized units for their families.

It is essential that we have a   current phone number   so we can reach you when a unit becomes available.  We encourage you to keep your contact information up to date. Although Society of Hope is funded through BC Housing, It maintains its own Application lists separate from BC Housing.

Admin Hours

Monday to Friday
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Contact Info

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